Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After the big day

stock-photo-young-woman-sitting-on-year-old-law-books-covered-in-dust-wearing-judge-s-robe-and-black-895353 After years of expensive education
A car full of books and anticipation
I'm an expert on Shakespeare and that's a hell of a lot
But the world don't need scholars as much as I thought



That’s right. After two and a half years of (half-read) thick books and expensive education, and monthly airline tickets in the last one and half year for flying between work and school, all i get is three letters and a dot behind my name.

Not that i regret them, though. It makes me realize more that school is one of activities when process is more important than the result. Really, education process is extremely important than the result, even when you think you’re grown-up and “educated enough” or when you work for an insitution where titles matter most.

Well, especially when your defense exam is nothing like you expected. Mine’s neither easier nor harder. It’s just, well… unlike anything i expected. But it happens to anyone, i think. And i hate that i only feel half relieved. All this time the thesis had been my fight, and now the battlefield is empty. It’s been my excuse of not doing anything else (like getting married), but now i don’t know what to say when people say “what next?”

At least i’m still twenty-something like in the song. Late twenty something. Don’t mean to be ungrateful, but don’t you wish sometimes that time stand still? That youth will stay? So i’ll take formal education again and again and swallow all the uselessness. Also i’ll travel the world where the real education is, in best health.

Come to think of it, i actually haven’t got the title yet. I should finish the revision first.

*curhat gak jelas. cuma mau pamer sudah lulus hehehe


  1. entah kenapa gue seneng lo lulus. padahal gak ada hubungannya apa-apa sama hidup gue. hahahaha.

  2. ah the king of pessimism. it's ok to be happy for someone else even when it's no use to you :p i take it as a congratulation. thank you :D