Monday, May 13, 2013

Sirius' Serious Quote

warning: too serious content

“The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters.” says Sirius, on Harry’s suspicion on the foul Dolores Umbridge being a Death Eater. Sirius is so right. We might work well with a colleague who is a maniac and hateable. We can’t stop lending a cousin some money to be spent on cigarettes because he loves our children so much.

But I fail to see this in corruption in Indonesian politics. (That’s right I’m writing a blog post about politics). All types of politicians; socialist partisans, moderate intellectuals, preaching leaders, shining prodigies, beauty queens and family loving playboy gamblers seem to corrupt. The only non-corrupts are the social networkers with cool gadgets calling themselves “the people”. All right, maybe that’s the division; the corrupt elites and the clean people. *meh

All I can say is that some of us have fallen into extreme skepticism where no one can be trusted, as we can no longer distinguish the real corrupt politicians and the ones who are framed. Even the fight against corruption is politicized to bring down the rivals. Had it not the case, those lovely criminals work harmoniously together. Instead of checking and balancing, those various groups work side by side to outsmart the rules. It’s not easy to predict the future here. Oh forget the future. We’re still struggling to be insane here in present.

Well, nevermind. I only want to use the Sirius’ quote anyway. I love it so much :) 

*I'm sorry bloggers are not split into thoughtful political writers and careless funny ones ;)


  1. this is the most confusing post i have ever read on this blog. :)

  2. i thought you have said this for another post hehehe

  3. oh ya if you don't read harry potter then that's understandable. but i won't explain anyway :D

  4. well the most confusing post so far then. :)

  5. politik, wah aku engga bis komentar sejago anak politik.. tapi positif thinkingnya, sepertinya emang kita semua masih belajar, belajar berpolitik..